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To take part in the compensation procedure initiated by GAUDON & Associés against TUV Rheinland companies, you must complete the pre-registration request at the bottom of the page.

1- Who Can Pre-register For The Claim?

Anyone who has or has had PIP Silicone gel implants. Once you can prove that you have had PIP implants (such as an implant card issued by your surgeon or your clinic), you can participate in our legal proceedings against TÜV RHEINLAND.

2- How Much Does A Claim Against TÜV RHEINLAND Cost?

Apart from a nominal court fee of approximately 35 euros to register the start of the claim with the French courts, you will have nothing to pay until you have received your preliminary provision . There will be nothing to pay if the preliminary provision is not awarded.

In the event of an award being made to you, GAUDON & Associés will deduct a standard 600 euro fee from the preliminary provision. You will not have to pay any fees until you have been allocated the 3,000 euro provision.

Then an additional 15% fee will be due on the full amount awarded to you at the end of your claim.

Our firm remains the most competitive in terms of fees. This has been made possible by limiting the number of intermediaries and by direct involvement in presenting the claim in front of the court.  

3- How Much Compensation Can I Expect ?

The compensation will cover some medical expenses created by PIP implants (removal or replacement) as well as what is described in the French courts as Moral Damage which covers physical suffering, mental anguish, as well as all the associated stress including low self-esteem and sexual anxiety for the suffering endured by PIP victims.

For the moral damage and anxiety, the French courts typically allocate compensation of between 6,000 and 10,000 euros. These were the amounts which the owner and directors of the PIP company were sentenced to pay during the criminal trial.

Medical expenses, average around 3,000 euros. It is up to the victim to prove what expenses incurred (medical bills etc). It will therefore be very important to support your claim with documents with an accompanying French TRANSLATION.

Moral Suffering, is usually between 1,000 and 3,000 euros.

In the event your claim is successful, total compensation will be between 6,000 and 15,000 euros depending on your documents and any associated evidence you are able to provide such as additional medical complications associated with the PIP implants.  On average, the anticipated compensation amounts are estimated at around 8,000 euros.

4- How Long Is Your Claim Expected To Take?

We hope to obtain a first provision of an amount greater than or equal to 3,000 euros before the Summer of 2019.

Following the first preliminary provision an expert examination will be ordered by the court, and it will most likely be conducted in the second half of 2019. This expert examination will assess the final and total amount of your compensation.

The court will rely on this expert examination of your claim to set your compensation. This decision is expected in 2020.

5- The Essential Documents

For the first step, which consists of obtaining legal expertise for the preliminary provision, we only need the following documents:

– Your identity card, your driver’s license or your passport. ESSENTIAL DOCUMENT

– Your PIP implant card showing your name and details of your PIP implants. ESSENTIAL DOCUMENT. It is this document which proves that you have or have had PIP implants filled with silicone gel.

Here is what the implant card looks like:

VERY IMPORTANT: Your name and that of the surgeon must be mentioned on the implant card.

– Document certifying your address, for example an electricity bill or a telephone bill; ESSENTIAL DOCUMENT. This proves the reality of your address. It is a condition of admissibility of our action.

– Finally a signed Power of Attorney. This document will be sent to you when you pre-register, the procedure cannot be initiated until you have signed and returned it.

The expert examination of your claim will require two sets of documentary evidence. When we are ready we will ask you for the necessary information.

For the moment, only the documents mentioned above are necessary.

6- How Will My Compensation Be Paid?

If the court awards you compensation, it will be paid into the CARPA account.

The CARPA account is the bank account of the Bar Association of Marseille. In France it is forbidden to pay victim’s compensation directly to the lawyer’s account. These amounts must be paid into the account of the Bar Association.

It is then the Bar Association which sends you your compensation. This system avoids fraud.

Your compensation will then be sent by bank transfer to the account of your choice (which must be in your name).

7- How Will We Communicate?

Our firm will endeavour to send you all the information relating to the evolution of the file and answer your questions or queries, by email, in a timely manner.


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