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The most successful legal firm in gaining compensation for the victims of the PIP Implant Scandal

Laurent GAUDON & Associés is a French law firm located in Marseille which specialises in defending victims in public health claims. We are a small firm of dedicated professional lawyers that enjoy an excellent reputation in the French judicial world.

We are involved in claims relating to Roacutane (acne drug), metal-on-metal hip replacements and Mediator (anti-diabetic drug) for which we represent many victims.

However our firm is especially famous for its involvement in the fraudulent PIP proceedings for which it has so far represented several thousand victims around the world. We have already obtained judgement for 8,000 women.

We have been involved in the PIP case since 2011 and we were the first to take action on behalf of victims against TÜV Rheinland,  the CE Mark certifier for silicone breast implants.

In 2013 in front of the Commercial Court of Toulon, we won more than 3,000 euros preliminary compensation for over 1,500 victims we represented.

In 2014, we initiated a new procedure for which a further 20,000 victims received preliminary compensation (the French term is “provision”) of 3,000 euros each.

Since then we have developed partnerships with other law firms and representatives of victims’ associations such as ANAUCO, a very active consumer association in Venézuela, and PIP Action Campaign, an international social network group of victims affected by PIP implants.

We are a French law firm, the fraudulent PIP factory was in France and all the judgements, right up to the final Court of Cassation ruling on the 10th October 2018 against TUVe, have been made in the French courts of justice.

We are the best known law firm as well as the most competent in the world in the PIP case.

We have dedicated all our efforts over the last seven years to getting justice for the women victims of PIP.



Pre-registration is the first step you need to take if you want to join the group seeking compensation for damage caused by PIP implants.

With pre-registration, you will be providing personal information that will allow us to contact you and guide you through the judicial process.

Using the online Pre-registration tool, we will be able to confirm if you are eligible to join the legal action initiated by GAUDON & Associés against TÜV RHEINLAND in the TUV 4 Claim.



Historic Date: France's Highest Court of Cassation, Confirms the Responsibility of TÜV RHEINLAND in the PIP scandal

The French Court of Cassation, confirms the responsibility of TÜV RHEINLAND in TUV I, which presents an opportunity for PIP victims worldwide to assert their rights and to be compensated for their injuries. GAUDON & Associés is here to help.


The Commercial Court of Toulon again condemns TÜV to Compensate 20,000 PIP victims

Once again, victims represented by GAUDON & Associés in TUV II (over 6,500 women) have received part of their compensation in the form of a preliminary provision awarded by the Commercial Court of Toulon to help victims remove banned PIP implants. 


The Court of Appeal of Aix en Provence Clears TÜV Rheinland of It's Liabilities

A very dark day for justice, PIP victims and our office because we were on the front line. On October 10, 2018 France’s highest court, Cour de Cassation in Paris quashed this unfair decision.

Hearings Start on the Files of Victims of GAUDON & Associés who won against TÜV in 2013

Hearings start on the files of victims in TUV I. The first elements confirmed the dangers of PIP implants and the worries of the victims. Laurent GAUDON participated in all these hearings.


Launch of the Largest Legal Action Against TÜV (known as TUV II)

Launch of the largest legal action against TÜV.  GAUDON & Associés represented more than 6,500 victims during these proceedings. This is the second major lawsuit against TÜV Rheinland referred to as TUV II and includes TUV III.

The Commercial Court of Toulon Ordered TÜV to Compensate 1,500 Victims Represented by GAUDON & Associés

The commercial court of Toulon ordered TÜV to compensate 1,500 victims represented by GAUDON & Associés.  TÜV Rheinland were required in the judgment to immediately pay a provisional sum of 3,000euros each followed by compensation which would be assessed by an expert to determine the overall damage in each case.

TÜV companies multiply threats and intimidation against Laurent GAUDON to dissuade him from continuing his proceedings.

TÜV makes multiple threats and attempts at intimidation against Maître Laurent GAUDON to dissuade him from continuing his proceedings. TÜV lodged a complaint against Laurent GAUDON for having said in the newspaper LE MONDE: “TÜV was negligent“. Laurent GAUDON was sent to court, but was not sentenced. History has proved him right.


The Criminal Trial of PIP Directors Including PIP Owner Jean Claude MAS.

From April 17 to May 17, 2013 PIP executives, including PIP owner Jean Claude Mas, were tried for aggravated fraud. The Directors were sentenced to prison terms. GAUDON & Associés represented 2,500 victims.


The Commercial Court of Toulon found against ALLIANZ, the insurance company for the collapsed PIP factory, but only on behalf of the French victims. This decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal. Nevertheless, the insurer had a guaranteed ceiling of three million euros for the total claim, which was clearly insufficient to compensate the 400,000+ potential PIP victims worldwide.


The commercial court of Toulon condemned ALLIANZ

 but only for the French victims. This decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal. Nevertheless, the insurer had a guarantee ceiling of 3 million euros, which was clearly insufficient to compensate the 400,000 potential victims.

GAUDON & Associés initiate proceedings against the insurer of the company PIP

GAUDON & Associés initiate proceedings against the insurer of the company PIP: ALLIANZ. Here again only 12 victims were concerned. We were told “it’s lost in advance”. We were right to persist.

GAUDON & Associés initiate proceedings against TÜV Rheinland

GAUDON & Associés initiate proceedings against TÜV Rheinland. At the time of its introduction, the case concerned only 12 victims. This is the first time in the world that victims have brought TÜV Rheinland to court and over the months, more than 1,500 victims from around the world would join this case.


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